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Synthetic chambers for maximum requirements

In the field of inspection chambers, the use of polymer material permits very innovative applications.

Whether as a standard inspection chamber with monolithic structure (made in one piece) for a wide range of variation and application possibilities or as a Komfort inspection chamber with a modular structure for individual use.

Think ahead:
During site development planning, provisions can be made for e.g. domestic connection and a backwater chamber can be planned for the subsequent retrofitting of a backwater valve. For additional reliabilty for clients and local authorities.

Synthetic material on the advance

Safe and durable

Synthetic chambers are safe in their everyday use and for the environment. The certified statics, fracture resistance and leak-tightness up to ground level all testify to the benefits of the synthetic material.

This is how to save

Short assembly times, no machine hours, no need for costly cleaning and servicing work. This troublefree operation also means a high degree of reliability.

Installation made easy

Low weight and good fracture resistance mean simple transportation as well as quick and easy installation. Installation is flexible thanks to the telescopic upper cover sections for flexible height adaptation and the easy attachment of further inlets directly on-site.

Fracture resistance

Polyethylene ensures a high impact strength and breaking elongation.

Leak-tightness of chamber systems

All KESSEL chamber systems, both the standard inspection chamber and the standard GT and Komfort inspection chambers, meet all the leak-tightness requirements according to DIN EN 1610.

The combination of telescopic upper cover section and monolithic chamber body results in a chamber system that is both absolutely leak-proof from the base upwards and at the same time more flexible in installation than any other system.
The permanent leak-tightness prevents untreated water escaping and protects the groundwater. At the same time, no external water can penetrate the chamber.

Kessel supplies two different chamber variants

Standard inspection chambers with monolithic structure

Delivery is in the form of a complete chamber. This means no individual parts have to be assembled on-site. The different connection widths for the open channels and the required access steps are already integrated in the chamber. Standard inspection chambers can be delivered in two chamber diameters (Ø) 600 mm and 1000 mm.

Komfort inspection chamber with modular structure

The Komfort inspection chambers are delivered in individual parts for assembly in segments. The conical design of the chamber parts allows them to be stacked compactly, thus reducing the storage space and transportation area required. The individual chamber segments (base with channels, intermediate sections, upper chamber section) can be assembled quickly and easily using gaskets and cponnecting wedges.

All Komfort inspection chambers have a height-adjustable upper cover section with covers up to load class D 400 (40 t). The smooth PE surfaces allow further inlets to be made on-site by those responsible for installation. Komfort inspection chambers are available in the three chamber diameters (Ø) 400 mm and 1000 mm.

Special inspection chamber solutions

KESSEL your specialist

wherever flexibility has to be proved with solutions that are tailor-made for special requirements. Thanks to our knowledge and possibilities in the field of polymers technology in terms of material, development, design, tooling and various polymer treatment methods, we are not only able to manufacture series products, we can also manufacture special solutions according to your project-specific requirements.


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